The Silent Treatment study concludes that while safety tools are one part of the solution to improving patient care, they do not compensate for crucial conversations failures in the hospital. The Silent Treatment study examines three of the seven conversation failures found in the 2005 study called Silence Kills. This Silent Treatment Assessment allows you and your team to collectively measure the current effectiveness of your team members in addressing the three undiscussables outlined in The Silent Treatment as well as the other four problem areas discussed in the original Silence Kills research. The problem areas this assessment will measure include:

  1. Broken rules
  2. Mistakes
  3. Lack of support
  4. Incompetence
  5. Poor teamwork
  6. Disrespect
  7. Micromanagement

These seven categories of conversations are especially difficult and, at the same time, have been shown to be especially essential for people in healthcare to master because they relate strongly to core competencies such as medical errors, patient safety, quality of care, staff commitment, employee satisfaction, discretionary effort, and turnover.


This assessment is best administered to an intact team or group by a team lead or manager. To begin, fill out the form below. Once you submit your information, you will receive an email with administration instructions and two assessment links. The first is a link to the online team assessment, which should be sent out to each member of your team. The second is a link to the results page where you can see your team's score, review your team's assessment data, and receive recommendations for improvement once the team has completed the assessment.

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